Realtymmo bets on the Italian real estate market in Milan with V33 and boosts Altitalia thanks to the experience of its founder Sergio Fracchia.

  V33 represents the new way of conceiving home as the place associated with high-end performances, in a unique place like the new Milan, symbol of prestige. Designed by the architects Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri, the new and innovating real estate project situated at 33, Volturno street, is now a reality for Altitalia, the Italian branch of Realtymmo real estate, thanks to the collaboration between his founder Sergio Fracchia and Peter Reiccheger, Hobag’s General Director, the image of innovative investments and quality.

V33, fourteen floors of real luxury, each characterized by a new conception of the domestic space based on the concept of well-being, situated in one of the most characteristic and most interesting districts of Milan. The perimeter included between the Lagosta square, the Bassi street, the Pastrengo street and the Garibaldi station was named "Isola", the Island, because the district was separated from the city center by the Naviglio channel and the railroad. Today Isola/Garibaldi is not any more an island, but it gives a wink in the city of the Fashion and in its center.
Recently interviewed Sergio Fracchia declared "It is necessary to believe in the resumption of a market which has never really stopped, thanks to the values and to the contents that it always proposed".

Doubtless the experience accumulated by more than twenty working years by Sergio Fracchia can guarantee the success of this new project where the technical choices and the ecological materials play a very important role: these natural materials allow energy savings and prevent the emanation of polluting substances, like the formaldehyde or similar.

With a view to respect the environment, the building has sun panels integrating the system of production of the hot water, allowing the reduction of the costs for the co-ownership, by making it even more successful at the energy level.

Listone Giordano, Château d’Ax, Technogym, EasyDom are some of partners who prove the high quality of the residence which unites prestige with innovation of the art of living, in the heart of the new pole of Milan.

Here is the beginning of the route that will see Altitalia protagonist thanks to the model of promotion of the "home" universe typical for Realtymmo, receipt with the experience on the international markets: the charm of luxury which conquers Italy as the Principality of Monaco, Moscow, Paris.
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