Rental management

Rental management

Maybe are you thinking of investing in real estate to earn rental income?
However, distance, problems linked to the language, or a lack of familiarity with French legal and fiscal regulations put a damper on your project !!

Well, then, don’t hesitate any longer !!! Nothing is simpler because REALTYMMO INTERNATIONAL PROPERTIES is here to help you get the most out of your investment by proposing you a rental and management service that will do everything in your place.

In this way you can calmly enjoy and make the most of your investment without having to bother about the headache of the tricky local procedures and formalities to be carried out, especially if you live in another French region, or even abroad.

We will explain to you what is involved in renting out your property and we will make an analysis and simulation of what return the rental will bring you.

We will seek out the ideal tenant and check his solvency in order to protect your investment.

We will draw up a rental contract and a precise inventory of the furniture before handing the keys over to the tenant.

We will be the sole contact for your tenant. We will collect the rent from him and deal with any problems connected with the rental.

We will take charge of any administrative formalities as well as any possible tax returns.

And, finally, if you wish, we will centralise all your correspondence so that you do not receive any mail or documents concerning your investment at your home address.

REALTYMMO INTERNATIONAL PROPERTIES is your indispensable partner to accompany you safely throughout all the steps of your real estate investment on the Côte d'Azur.

So, don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us today for more information so that we can study together the investment solution that is the most suitable for you.



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